Kevin C.

Kevin C.

Преподаваемые языки: Английский
  • Страна: Канада / Россия
  • Образование: Высшее (Business Administration)
  • Возраст: 35 лет
  • Стаж преподавания: 13 лет
  • Сертификаты: TEFL

Hi, this is Kevin. 

I am Canadian, I have done my Bachelors in Business Administration from University of Toronto and I hold TEFL certificate. 

By leveraging my 10+ years of experience in China including 2 years online teaching experience, I would be able to contribute highly in helping students meet their curriculum goals. I have worked in many big institutes throughout China. During my career, I have worked with children and adults as well. I taught everyday English, Business English, also taught many students to prepare TOEFL, IELTS exams to go abroad.

Since I have taught students ranging from ages 8 to 50, I am well aware of all levels of English education, and can quite comfortably incorporate technology into regular lessons. I believe this skill will help students in learning through both conventional means and modern ways.

I am able to determine a student’s individual language needs as well as their current ability. I would like to improve every student’s ability to learn and master the English language in its entirety by creating a fresh and vibrant learning environment where we all learn.

I am qualified to teach British and American English.

I love travelling and making new friends from around the world to know about their life stories and cultures. 

I will be happy to meet you at the lesson.



2006-2011 – University of Toronto, Bachelor of Business Administration.

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