Benefits of learning Russian online at Skyford

It is easy to learn Russian online via Skype! Our goal is to achieve tangible results in your classes. That’s why we do our best for your educational process to be motivating and bring only positive emotions.

To learn Russian online is fast and convenient!

Rapid pace of life imposes certain limitations on wishes and prospects. You want to do so many things, but the question is where to get time? While studying at Skyford online language school you are not tied to any particular place. You can learn Russian wherever you are, at any time convenient for you, without wasting hours on the journey:

  • at home;
  • after school or work;
  • on holiday;
  • on a business trip.

For successful e-learning you must have a computer, laptop or tablet with Internet access, Skype and 60 minutes of free time twice a week.

Free introductory lesson

We provide a free introductory lesson via skype for each potential student. You will see what the classes are like and get acquainted with your teacher.

Individual course + private teacher

You choose a Russian language course and a tutor. All our teachers are native speakers.

Careful selection of teaching staff

All our specialists have a higher pedagogical and/or philological education and work experience.

Individual approach

Our tutors are primarily educators and experienced psychologists, decent and responsible people. They are able to present the subject in the most accessible form, find an individual approach and get the language learner interested in studying. This applies not only to children and teenagers, but to anyone who has communicative difficulties. If there is a misunderstanding between you and your teacher in the process of online language learning, you can always request to replace them.

Textbooks in electronic form

Educational literature is provided in an electronic version. All the textbooks are developed in Russia, Italy and Germany.

Flexible pricing policy

An important advantage of studying at Skyford school of foreign languages is affordable cost of distance classes. The lesson lasts 60 minutes and costs starting at 800 rubles. See our price list.

Special offers for the whole family

In the "Special offers" section you can receive information about our good deals: for example, we have personal discounts as well as interesting offers for the whole family.

Cancel or reschedule online classes

We understand that you can face force majeure circumstances, so twice a month you can cancel a class or change the time of the lesson. It is not necessary to explain the reasons; the main thing is to warn us beforehand.

Russian language lessons are not wasted

Any plans can be disturbed by an illness, sudden business trip or other problems. In this case don’t worry about prepaid classes: online Russian lessons are not wasted. They are frozen until your problems are solved. Just do not forget to inform the school about your plans.

Refund on request

If you decide to discontinue learning Russian at some point, you can always request to get your money back.

Get a certificate at the end of the course

At the end of a 6-month course you will receive via e-mail a certificate that confirms your online education. Within the Russian Federation a certificate can be obtained in the hard copy by Russian mail.

Learn  the Russian language online at Skyford school!

You can choose a Russian language course from a variety of options:

  • short-term or long-term;
  • general or special;
  • for beginners or advanced learners;
  • for teenagers or adults.

Following your wishes and preferences we can offer you a personalized Russian language course developed with one emphasis or another and fully complying with your request.

Try our free introductory lesson and you will appreciate all the benefits of Skyford school of foreign languages.

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