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41 years old
Russian Portuguese
Brazil / Russia
Higher Psycho-Pedagogical (incomplete)
30 years old
Teaching experience: 3 years

Olá queridos amigos! 

Meu nome é Evdokia. Eu ensino português brasileiro e russo. 

Estou feliz em conhecê-lo e ficarei ainda mais feliz com nossa cooperação produtiva! 

Afinal, você está aqui porque quer aprender uma língua estrangeira. Não é? E estou aqui para te ajudar a facilitar e com o melhor resultado! 


Russian English
Higher (Liberal Arts and Sciences)
28 years old
Teaching experience: 3 years

Привет! My name is Maria, and I am from the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg. 

I am a certified Russian as a Foreign Language teacher, and I'll be happy to meet and support you on your learning path towards speaking and understanding Russian. I work with adults, children and teens from 6 to 17. I received my diploma in Teaching...

Higher Philological
69 years old
Teaching experience: 45 years

Hello! My name is Vera.

I received my higher philological education in the specialty "Russian language and literature" at Irkutsk State University. After successful graduation from the university, began working at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language at the ISU. I have been teaching Russian at this university to students from around...

Higher (Foreign regional studies)
23 years old
Teaching experience: 2 years

Hi! My name is Veronika, and I teach Russian.

I graduated from the Institute of the Faculty of International Relations, which means that I like to study languages. I like to give people the opportunities and tools to succeed in their goal. I would like to be useful, and for this, I need to properly hear the person who needs this benefit.


Russian English Spanish
Higher (International Relations)
39 years old
Teaching experience: 4 years

Hi everyone!

I am Natalia, a native tutor of Russian language for foreigners. 
Recently I’ve started to teach Russian to foreigners according to my system of studying, combining various methodologies.

I give lessons to the very beginners in English, Spanish or Portuguese. So English, Spanish or Portuguese speakers you are very...

Russian English Italian French
Belarus / Italy
Higher Pedagogical
23 years old
Teaching experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Anastasia. 

I have been a teacher of foreign languages since 2018. I teach Russian with a help of English, French and Italian. Graduating from high school with a gold medal for excellent studies and the university with a diploma with honors, I conduct research on the role-playing method of teaching foreign languages....

Russian Spanish
Higher Economical, Pedagogical
46 years old
Teaching experience: 4 years

Hola. Me llamo Elena. 

Cuando era pequeña me gustaba estudiar lenguas extranjeras, era como mi hobby. Estudié español en la Universidad Estatal de Kemerovo en la facultad de lingüística y en la Escuela de lenguas extranjeras “Maestro” en Kemerovo según el método de enseñanza paralela y simultánea de tres idiomas (español,...

Russian German
Higher economic, Candidate of Technical Sciences
52 years old
Teaching experience: 9 years

Guten Tag. Mein Name ist Elena.

Ich unterrichte Russisch und Deutsch und übersetze Deutsch-Russisch/Russisch-Deutsch. Geboren in Leningrad, habe ich in St. Petersburg gelebt und studiert und lebe nun schon seit über 20 Jahren in Deutschland. Mit 10 Jahren fing ich an, Deutsch zu lernen. Schon seit Studienbeginn an einer Sankt Petersburger...

Russian English Korean
Higher philological, candidate of Philological Sciences
29 years old
Teaching experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Alexandra.

I graduated with honours from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Moscow) with M.A. in Linguistics and Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. As part of my master's program, I did a work placement at the Institute of Russian Studies of the Hankuk University (Republic of Korea) during the spring...

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