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Russian English
Higher Linguistic
27 years old
Teaching experience: 5 years

Hello, guys! My name is Yanina, I am an RFL teacher.

Right now I am a PhD candidate, I love science!

In my free time I like watching TV series (especially TBBT and HIMYM) and spending time with my adorable dog!

I will gladly help you to improve your Russian even if you are a complete beginner! I know it seems like a hard language,...

Higher Linguistic
25 years old
Teaching experience: 4 years

Hello! My name is Ekaterina, and I teach Russian.

I graduated from one of Russian linguistics universities with B.A. in Linguistics (profile: “Translation, Interpreting and Translation Theory”, French and English languages). In 2023, I graduated with honors with M.A. in Philology (profile: “Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language»). Since...

41 years old
Russian Portuguese
Brazil / Russia
Higher Psycho-Pedagogical (incomplete)
30 years old
Teaching experience: 3 years

Olá queridos amigos! 

Meu nome é Evdokia. Eu ensino português brasileiro e russo. 

Estou feliz em conhecê-lo e ficarei ainda mais feliz com nossa cooperação produtiva! 

Afinal, você está aqui porque quer aprender uma língua estrangeira. Não é? E estou aqui para te ajudar a facilitar e com o melhor resultado! 


Russian English
Higher (Liberal Arts and Sciences)
28 years old
Teaching experience: 3 years

Привет! My name is Maria, and I am from the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg. 

I am a certified Russian as a Foreign Language teacher, and I'll be happy to meet and support you on your learning path towards speaking and understanding Russian. I work with adults, children and teens from 6 to 17. I received my diploma in Teaching...

Higher Philological
69 years old
Teaching experience: 45 years

Hello! My name is Vera.

I received my higher philological education in the specialty "Russian language and literature" at Irkutsk State University. After successful graduation from the university, began working at the Department of Russian as a Foreign Language at the ISU. I have been teaching Russian at this university to students from around...

Higher (Foreign regional studies)
24 years old
Teaching experience: 2 years

Hi! My name is Veronika, and I teach Russian.

I graduated from the Institute of the Faculty of International Relations, which means that I like to study languages. I like to give people the opportunities and tools to succeed in their goal. I would like to be useful, and for this, I need to properly hear the person who needs this benefit.


Russian English Spanish
Higher (International Relations)
39 years old
Teaching experience: 4 years

Hi everyone!

I am Natalia, a native tutor of Russian language for foreigners. 
Recently I’ve started to teach Russian to foreigners according to my system of studying, combining various methodologies.

I give lessons to the very beginners in English, Spanish or Portuguese. So English, Spanish or Portuguese speakers you are very...

Russian English Italian French
Belarus / Italy
Higher Pedagogical
23 years old
Teaching experience: 5 years

Hello! My name is Anastasia. 

I have been a teacher of foreign languages since 2018. I teach Russian with a help of English, French and Italian. Graduating from high school with a gold medal for excellent studies and the university with a diploma with honors, I conduct research on the role-playing method of teaching foreign languages....

Russian Spanish
Higher Economical, Pedagogical
46 years old
Teaching experience: 4 years

Hola. Me llamo Elena. 

Cuando era pequeña me gustaba estudiar lenguas extranjeras, era como mi hobby. Estudié español en la Universidad Estatal de Kemerovo en la facultad de lingüística y en la Escuela de lenguas extranjeras “Maestro” en Kemerovo según el método de enseñanza paralela y simultánea de tres idiomas (español,...

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