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Russian French
Russia / France
Higher Linguistic
39 years old
Teaching experience: 6 years

Bonjour !

Je m’appelle Evguénia. J’ai un diplôme Bac+5 de « Professeur, Linguiste » avec mention très bien.  Diplômée de l’Université d’état de Tioumen, j’enseigne le français depuis 2006 : d’abord dans le secondaire (2006-2008) et après dans le supérieur (2008-2018). Depuis 2018, je vis et je...

Higher Linguistic
34 years old
Teaching experience: 11 years

Hello! My name is Anna.

I graduated from Moscow State University (MSU) with a degree in linguist and translator. After graduating from MSU, I went to Paris for one year to study at Sorbonne University and to improve my French. After returning from France, I began working as a teacher of Russian in various institutes and schools in Russia. 


Higher Medical
41 years old
Teaching experience: 2 years

Hello, friends! My name is Olga, I am a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. 

I come from the steppe capital of Russia – the city of Orenburg. I graduated from the Orenburg State Medical Academy and I'd worked as a doctor for about 15 years. In 2023, after receiving a diploma of professional retraining in the field of "Teaching...

20 years old
Russia / India
Higher Pedagogical
41 years old
Teaching experience: 19 years

Hello! Здравствуйте!

My name is Natalia, and I am a teacher of Russian language.

I was born in a wonderful city, the northern capital of Russia – Saint-Petersburg. And now I live in the capital of India, Delhi.

I graduated from Russian State Pedagogical University, where I received Master’s degree. I worked...

Russian English Chinese
Higher Historical
49 years old
Teaching experience: 9 years

My name is Gennady. I am a native Russian speaker. I live in Russia, Samara. 

My goal is to help people all over the world study Russian language. I’ve been teaching online for more than 10 years. I give lessons for all levels of Russian starting with very beginner. All my professional experience is connected with teaching. On my...

23 years old
Higher pedagogical, higher legal
43 years old
Teaching experience: 11 years

Hello! My name is Natalia. I'm a teacher of Russian as a foreign language.

I graduated from Pedagogical University as an elementary school teacher.  Then for more than 10 years, I taught English in state and private schools. For a year, I taught young learners in China.

In 2023, I completed the course of "Methods of Teaching Russian...

Russian Spanish
Higher (Foreign Regional Studies)
28 years old
Teaching experience: 3 years

¡Hola! Me llamo Katerina. Soy profesora de ruso como la lengua extranjera. 

Yo enseño a ruso las personas mayores y adolescentes. En las clases vamos a ver videos en ruso, aprender pronunciación, entender la cultura rusa  y mucho más. Te espero en nuestras clases. 

Hasta la vista.


Hi there. My name...

Higher Pedagogical
59 years old
Teaching experience: 36 years

Hi! I am Oksana, your prospective Russian teacher. 

I am a graduate of Moscow Linguistic University (1987) and spent several years teaching advanced English to the students of the English stylistics department. I worked in the US in 1993-96 (Macalester College, MN), in 1994 I worked in London for the Russian Language Centre. I have been...

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