How to pay for online Russian courses?

Convenient method of payment!

All payments comply with the international PCI DSS security standard (Visa and Mastercard) and are protected by the HTTPS data encryption protocol. Online payments can be made through Tinkoff bank or ЮKassa. We also accept payments from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. You can choose the payment method that is convenient for you.
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Why choose us

You can get 1, 3, 5, or 10 lessons. But note that:


Our prices are initially lower in comparison with private tutors! See for yourself


No need to buy large package of lessons in order to save money. You are saving money even when you pay only for 1 lesson


We provide a 5% discount for a 10-lesson package (if you pay from your personal account) and 7% (if you pay via FPS).


For additional discounts and bonuses, see the Events section


If there are any problems or unforeseen circumstances that won't allow you to continue your lessons, we are always ready to help! All you have to do is tell us about it in advance. See the terms of agreement to learn more. In a few words:
If you change your mind
We will refund the money.
If you are not feeling well
You lesson can be rescheduled for free.
If you are going on vacation
We will freeze the balance until you return.
If you don’t like you tutor
We will find you another teacher.
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