Step 1

Sign up for a free Russian lesson via skype

Having received an online application on the website or by e-mail, we will contact you within 15 minutes and agree on the date and time of the first free lesson convenient for you.

Step 2

Download and install Skype

You can download the program free of charge. Do not forget to buy a microphone and headphones!

Step 3

Take a free Russian language lesson

During the lesson:

Your level

We will determine your level of proficiency


You will tell us your wishes about the classes


We will answer your questions and give recommendations


We will help you to choose the most suitable Russian course via skype
Step 4

We will choose a tutor for you

After your test lesson we’ll choose a Russian tutor, with whom your language training will be interesting and efficient.

Russian lessons via skype (online) photo
Step 5

Practice Russian language online

The process of online Russian language studying has the following stages:
Education process
1. You download textbooks for classes by the link indicated by your teacher.
2. On the agreed day and time you call up the teacher by Skype, Zoom or Google Meet, turn on the microphone and video camera.
3. The tutor explains the material and you practice together through exercises, interesting texts, games and tests.
4. The teacher monitors your mistakes and helps you to learn Russian fast and efficiently.
5. You study Russian grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, learn to read, write, speak Russian fluently and understand oral speech.
6. The lesson lasts 60 minutes. At the end of it you get a home task and positive emotions.
Step 6

Get a certificate

After completing the training course by Skype, you will take an exam and get a certificate with the seal of the Skyford School of Foreign Languages.

Step 7

Speak Russian freely!

Following online Russian language classes you will be able to:
eighth_img Develop thinking in Russian
eighth_img Overcome the language barrier
eighth_img Pass the international exams
eighth_img Read books and watch movies in Russian
eighth_img Express your thoughts easily and communicate freely with Russians
eighth_img Get a prestigious job and achieve your goals
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