Business Russian course

Business Russian online course

Learn Russian language for business and career! The course is aimed at foreigners, who want to master Russian for business communication. Online lessons via Skype and Zoom are the best choice for employees, managers, executives, entrepreneurs, directors and businessmen, who plan to do business in Russia or work with Russian companies.
All our teachers of Business Russian are native Russian speakers and teach in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese.

Thanks to the online Business Russian language course with a private tutor you will:


Improve your communication, listening, reading and writing skills


Learn distinctive features of the Russian official style


Acquire business vocabulary, write and understand business letters in Russian


Hold negotiations and make presentations without an interpreter


Translate correspondence, contracts and other documents


Understand your business partners, customers, clients from the Russian Federation and Russian-speaking countries


For intermediate and advanced levels.
Duration: 6-9 months for each level.
Recommended intensity – lessons per week.

The cost of Business Russian training - see "Prices".
Payment from 1 lesson + discounts from 10 lessons.
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What level do You need to learn business Russian?

Business Russian classes are suitable for B1, B2, C1, C2 levels. We adapt the program to your level, goals and suggestions.
If you are a beginner or have A1-A2 level, we encourage you to check the general course "Russian online for foreigners". This course will help you to master the basics of the Russian language as well as general terminology. After that you can continue your Business Russian training.
If you are looking for active speaking practice, please, check "Colloquial Russian for foreigners". This course doesn't cover business terminology, but is a perfect opportunity to improve speaking skills and reach oral fluency.

Teachers of the Business Russian course

Our teaching staff consists of native Russian speakers who have experience in tutoring Russian to foreigners. With the help of our professional Russian-speaking teachers you will master Russian grammar and vocabulary, learn business terms, improve your pronunciation, get rid of the accent, be able to speak fluently and understand spoken and written Russian.


You will learn business Russian using textbooks from the publishing houses Zlatoust, De Vecchi, Herder, Langenscheidt and other training books.

Materials for business communication in Russian

Your tutors of Business Russian will offer you interesting teaching materials, such as:
Dialogues and role-play games
In dialogues with a teacher you will act out real business situations. You will learn to introduce yourself and your company, speak about your work and sphere of business, arrange a meeting with clients, negotiate by phone, talk about your plans, make product and service presentations, discuss terms and conditions, prices and discounts, maintain formal and informal conversations and so on.
You will improve your speaking skills, practice Russian business words and expressions, learn useful phrases of business communication, clichés and standard collocations.
Business texts
You will read business texts in Russian, articles from magazines, newspapers, the Internet and learn more about the specifics of business writing.
Audio and video
You will listen to audio clips and watch videos on economics, finance, marketing, sales, import and export, logistics etc. These exercises will help you to understand spoken language and accent of native speakers, learn Russian business terms and practice them in communication with your teacher.
Documents, letters, contracts
During this course you will read and translate contracts, study different types of business letters and important aspects of paperwork.
You will learn how to hold correspondence on various topics and draw up business letters in Russian: make a document header, address your partner, start a message, finish and sign a business letter or e-mail.

"Business Russian as a foreign language" course program

Online Business Russian course includes a study of vocabulary, phonetics and grammar.
You will get rid of the accent, get used to the pace and intonations of the Russian language, improve your pronunciation and understanding of the original Russian speech.
You will build your vocabulary, learn real-life words, expressions, clichés and phrases useful for business correspondence and negotiations in Russian. You will consolidate specific business terminology by practicing with your teacher.
Grammar is essential for successful negotiations. You will learn the rules of the Russian grammar and specific constructions, that are used in business sphere.

Benefits of the Business Russian course via skype

Online courses of Russian at Skyford School are interesting and effective. By studying business Russian with a qualified teacher, you will acquire the following skills:
Speaking skills + correct pronunciation
You will learn general and business vocabulary of the Russian language, master business communication skills, improve your pronunciation, will speak Russian fluently and feel confident during negotiations with your partners.
Understanding spoken language
You will improve your listening skills and will be able to understand your business partners during telephone and face-to-face conversations.
Reading + translating
You will significantly expand your vocabulary and will be able to read and translate Russian business correspondence, presentations, contracts and other documents as well as get a good understanding of general and business articles.
You will learn how to use Russian in business documents and will be able to write business letters in Russian.
Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate!

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