Russian for kids

Russian for kids –

is an online Russian language course for children of foreigners, bilinguals and immigrants. Children learn Russian with private teachers via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.
Our tutors have a higher pedagogical or linguistic education and speak English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. All of them have experience in teaching Russian to foreigners, thus your child will learn Russian in a friendly atmosphere and will have fast progress.

Thanks to the online Russian classes with a private tutor your child will be able to:


Speak fluently with a Russian accent


Communicate and understand Russian speakers


Write competently, following the rules of the Russian language


Read books and understand their content


Study, live and feel comfortable in Russia


Individual and group lessons.
For beginner, intermediate and advanced levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
Duration: 6-9 months for each level.
Recommended intensity: 2 lessons per week.

The cost of training - see "Prices".
Payment from 1 lesson + discounts from 10 lessons.
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The best age for children to start online Russian lessons

Online Russian language courses at Skyford are suitable for teenagers and children from the age of 7. If your child does not speak Russian at all, this is not a problem, as our tutors speak foreign languages and teach classes in the child's native language.
Online lessons are suitable for the English, Spanish, Americans, Italians, Germans, French, Chinese as well as residents of other American, European and Asian countries. Each learning program is individual and depends on the previous knowledge of the child.

We also offer courses of Russian for adults: a general Russian course for foreigners and a conversational Russian course.

Duration of the Russian language course for children

Online Russian course for foreign children can be:
Short-term(up to 6 months)
If students are good in Russian, but still need to improve speaking or brush up their knowledge.
Long-term(more than 6 months)
If students start learning Russian from scratch and aim for a high level.

Online Russian tutors for kids (children)

The tutors in Skyford language school are native Russian speakers. They have higher pedagogical or linguistic education and are experienced in teaching Russian as a foreign language.
Online Russian classes are taught in the child's native language, so your child will understand the material even being a beginner.


Russian tutors use study materials of the following publishers: Zlatoust, De Vecchi, Herder, Langenscheidt and others. Course books and manuals are selected according to the student's age and level of knowledge.

How do kids learn Russian via skype?

Tutors select interesting educational resources for children, teach in an easy-to-understand way and use methods of education through play.
Dialogue is an important part of studying Russian. Speaking with the teacher, your child will learn to build correct sentences, master new words and learn to feel the difference between word forms. By listening to the spoken language, the student will copy the intonation and accent of the tutor.
Russian cartoons and films
To learn Russian as a foreign language by watching and discussing cartoons is funny and efficiently. Videos in Russian for children expand vocabulary, improve speaking and understanding.
Russian songs, poems, proverbs
We believe that Russian lessons should be exciting and not boring. That’s why our students learn Russian songs, poems, proverbs, sayings. Listening to their favorite singers, children easily memorize phrases and expressions in Russian.
Russian books
Children read adapted and original works of various genres: fables, legends, folktales, classics and popular stories. Reading helps to master new words and learn how to use grammatical structures. By discussing literature with the teacher and answering questions on a text, children learn to express their thoughts in Russian and show how well they understand what they read.
Interesting activities
To keep children motivated to learn Russian online, teachers offer many engaging activities: solve a crossword puzzle, insert missing words into a text, describe a picture, play a game or a quiz, discuss a famous actor, singer, film or cartoon.

Russian lessons for children: online course program

The program of the course includes 3 main sections: phonetics, vocabulary and grammar.
Talking to the teacher, watching short clips from films and cartoons help children to master the correct pronunciation, choose the right intonation and get rid of an accent.
Children learn Russian vocabulary including new words, phrases, expressions, word collocations and practice them both orally and in writing.
During online Russian course kids master the Russian grammar and actively use it in exercises, reading and discussing texts as well as in conversations and written translations.

Benefits of the online Russian course for kids

Attending online Russian courses, the students acquire important skills:
Speaking + Correct pronunciation
Students begin to speak Russian almost from the first lesson, which is a great way to overcome language and psychological barriers. Afterwards the child uses acquired knowledge to speak competently, fluently and with a good pronunciation.
Understanding spoken language
Thanks to constant speaking practice, watching video clips and listening to audio, the child will be able to understand Russian by ear.
Studying the grammar and vocabulary of the Russian language, mastering the rules of reading, the child will be able to read books in Russian: starting with adapted and simple stories and then moving to original literature without the need to look anything up in the dictionary.
Writing + Translation
Your child will learn to write competent texts on general topics in Russian, as well as make translations from Russian into the native language and vice versa.
Upon the course completion the student receives a Russian language certificate!

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