General Russian course for foreigners

General Russian course for foreigners

is an online course for adults: from students to pensioners. You will study the Russian language online via Skype or Zoom with private tutors from the Russian Federation. Our teachers speak English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. Thus the course is suitable for people from CIS, Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Thanks to individual tutoring, you will:


Learn to read, write, speak and understand Russian


Learn Russian grammar and phonetics


Expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation


Get rid of the language barrier: difficulties in expressing and communicating


Feel comfortable while travelling around Russia and Russian-speaking countries


Russian online for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels: А1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
Period: 6-9 months for each level.
Recommended intensity is 2 lessons per week.

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What level do you need to take online Russian language course?

We teach Russian as a foreign language. The online Russian course is suitable for starters as well as for advanced students. The program is selected individually for each student. We take into account the goals and the knowledge level of the student. In the first free lesson, the Russian teacher will determine your level and offer you an appropriate program.
If your know basic Russian, intend to improve your speaking skills and aim to fast progress, see “Online Russian speaking course for foreigners”.

Learn Russian online - Russian for foreigners

Depending on your goals, online studies at Skyford Russian language center can be short-term or long-term.
Short-term Russian course(up to 6 months)
Good for restoring knowledge and speaking practice
Long-term Russian course(more than 6 months)
Good for those who start to learn Russian from scratch, want to achieve an advanced level and pass exams

Online Russian tutors

Our tutors are native speakers from Russia, who conduct classes in English, Spanish, German, French, Russian and other languages. This helps students with zero knowledge to absorb information better. The private teacher will explain the basics of grammar, teach you the correct pronunciation and intonation, explain the features of the Russian language and eventually help to overcome the language barrier.


Tutors use textbooks and workbooks from the following publishers: Zlatoust, De Vecchi, Herder, Langenscheidt.

Materials for online study of the Russian language

To make the online Russian classes via skype interesting and efficient, teachers use additional materials that take into account your goals and level of knowledge.
Russian films, series and various video clips can develop and improve your auditory perception. At the beginner level you will watch small adapted videos with lively dialogues on everyday topics. At higher levels you will watch video clips without subtitles.
Tutors will offer you original works or adapted literature (stories, poems), depending on your level of Russian.
Dialogues and role-play games
Dialogues with a tutor teach you to speak Russian competently and help you practice new words, phrases and grammatical structures.
Interesting tasks
Tests, puzzles, crosswords and quizzes are a good way to develop erudition, memory and enrich your vocabulary with new Russian words.
Newspapers, magazines and articles from Russian websites expand vocabulary and reinforce grammar skills.

Program of the online Russian language classes

During individual lessons with private Russian language tutors you will study phonetics, vocabulary and grammar.
You will receive theoretical knowledge and practical skills, improve pronunciation, get rid of your accent and will be able to understand Russian native speakers very well.
You will learn new words, phrases, clichés and set expressions. Your vocabulary will be big enough to speak Russian fluently.
You will learn the rules and subtleties of the Russian grammar, will reinforce the material learnt through verbal communication, translations and through written exercises.

What skills can you develop attending online Russian lessons?

The online Russian language course for foreigners will help you to develop the following skills:
Speaking skills + correct pronunciation
Russian language tutors use communicative method and pay special attention to speaking. You will communicate with the teacher, discuss different topics, such as current affairs, audio and video clips, books and films. As a result of constant communication, you will improve your speaking skills fast, overcome the language barrier and get rid of your accent.
Understanding spoken language
Systematic listening of the Russian speech will help you master comprehension skills very quickly. You will begin to understand everyday conversations of native speakers from Russia, as well as more complex reports and lectures, films and series without subtitles, news on Russian television, as well as Russian songs.
At your lessons, you will learn the rules of reading and soon you will be able to read and understand Russian texts without a dictionary. Gradually, you will move from adapted literature to works of fiction and scientific articles.
Writing + translation
You will learn how to compose sentences in Russian, write texts on general subjects, conduct personal and business correspondence, translate from Russian into your language and vice versa.
You will receive a Russian language certificate upon completing the online course!

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