Online Russian speaking course

Online Russian speaking course is

a course via skype for foreigners (children, teenagers, adults and pensioners) who want to speak Russian fluently and correctly. You will improve your communication and listening skills with native speakers - tutors from Russia. The individual lessons are conducted via skype. Thanks to online learning at Skyford language center, you will:


Be fluent in Russian and understand your chat partners


Improve your pronunciation and get rid of your accent


Significantly expand your vocabulary


Overcome the language barrier


Travel around Russia with ease and make new friends


Feel confident negotiating with business partners


The course is accelerated and intense.
For intermediate and advanced levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
Period of training: no more than 6 months.
Recommended schedule: 2 or 3 lessons per week.

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Разговорный русский язык для иностранцев по скайпу фото

What level do you need to start online Russian classes?

We teach Russian online as a foreign language. The classes are intended for students with an intermediate level of knowledge. At the first free lesson the tutor will check your level and give you recommendations on training.
If you are a beginner or you want to master reading and writing in Russian check out the main course “Russian online for foreigners”.

Who teaches colloquial Russian?

Our tutors are native speakers who conduct classes in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. As a result, you will progress rapidly, learn the features of colloquial Russian and get efficient practice. You will be able to understand all the difficult points because the teacher will explain them in your native language.


Our Russian teachers use textbooks and manuals by the following publishers: De Vecchi, Zlatoust, Herder, Langenscheidt.

Materials for Russian lessons via skype

Skyford tutors select materials that improve communication skills of the language learners.
Dialogues and role play games
You will learn to speak Russian fast and fluently discussing different topics, newspaper articles and daily news. In communication with the teacher you will practice colloquial words and phrases, gradually turning your passive vocabulary into an active one.
Video and audio
During the lessons you will watch and discuss video clips, films, series and news with the teacher, practicing grammar and new vocabulary.

Russian language online program

Online Russian speaking course for foreigners is focuses on increasing the vocabulary, developing speaking and listening skills. Thus you will study Russian phonetics, vocabulary and grammar.
You will solidify your current knowledge of Russian grammar and will improve it in verbal communication.
You will improve your vocabulary by learning and practicing new Russian words and phrases, set expressions and colloquial patterns.
You will improve your pronunciation and get rid of the accent.

Learn Russian online and develop the following skills:

Learn Russian online and You will be able to speak fluently and understand native speakers.
Speaking skills + correct pronunciation
Russian tutors use a communicative technique. This means that during the 90% of the skype lesson you will talk with the teacher, express your opinion and answer questions. You will overcome difficulties in expressing, learn to think in Russian and speak fluently without an accent, like a native speaker.
Understanding Russian by ear
You will develop listening skills, memorize new words and learn how to use them correctly. You’ll get used to fluent Russian speech and understand native speakers well.
Certificate upon the training completion!

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