Natalia B.

Natalia B.

Languages: Russian, English, Spanish
  • Country: Russia
  • Education: Higher (International Relations)
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Teaching experience: 5 years
  • Certificates: DELE B2

Hi everyone!

I am Natalia, a native tutor of Russian language for foreigners. 
Recently I’ve started to teach Russian to foreigners according to my system of studying, combining various methodologies.

I give lessons to the very beginners in English, Spanish or Portuguese. So English, Spanish or Portuguese speakers you are very welcome. I will certainly make you feel more comfortable about learning a new material in contrast to your native language. 

I am really good at organizing the educational process for students with the greatest comfort using modern technologies and my vast experience. My natural charm and ability to motivate and excite my students as well as an individual approach to each of them depending on their need, allow me to make our classes fascinating and fun like a game and to achieve progress and good results at the same time.  You will never get bored. 
You can get some feedback from my students or just check and try it out for yourselves.

Teaching Russian to foreigners is my primary interest and priority so I´ve made it my personal mission as a native speaker and teacher to introduce my foreign students to the rich cultural heritage of Russia and transfer Russian language skills as an essential part of it. 

So feel free to contact me if you'd like to study Russian language and maybe someday visit Russia. I will be happy to help you.
See you at our classes! 



2000-2005 – St. Petersburg State University, School of International Relations, Master’s degree in International Relations.

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